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oppositional menial ownership measured against
video installation
9' x 12'

This video shows "oppositional menial ownership measured against" in installation. It is meant to be shown, as it is here, in projection. The two video-image screens are projected upon two actual screens affixed to the wall.
The audio in this documentation is the audio which plays in headphones (in this case) provided in the installation. In other words, the white noise is in the audio track of the work itself, not incidental noise recorded during documentation.
The audio is a combination of two kinds of sounds: the sounds of a specific cut of five source videos and the sounds of objects recorded in my studio. It is a cacophony punctuated with snippets of melody and speech -- a kind of concrete music.

This film is a composite of seven films: two films of two screens (projected onto those screens), two Iraqi produced films regarding the detention of Iraqis by the United States military, a documentary produced by Carlton Television (the ITV franchise holder in London) regarding the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, a United States government-produced instructional film showing how to read images of the land taken from the air (pre-satellite) for the purpose of locating natural resources, and a "news" program produced by British Petroleum regarding changes in the political climate of Egypt following the Arab Spring of 2011.